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About us

Blue Peak Financial Tax Accounting, CFO, and AGILE Project Management

We help business owners grow wealth and scale their business through strategic accounting, aggressive tax reduction strategies, results driven project management, and exceptional follow through.


About Sean Pfalzgraf

Sean founded Blue Peak to help his clients have pristine business financials and bridge the gap between strategy and execution.

He is Certified Public Accountant with over a decade of experience, a Certified AGILE Project Management Consultant with experience in portfolio management, and working with nonprofits and in the crypto industry. In addition to the clients that trust Blue Peak Financial with their growth, Sean advices as treasurer and CFO of the nonprofit organization, “Adventure for All,” and sits on the Florida board for B-Corporations.

No matter what your growth goals are, Blue Peak Financial will help you reach the summit.

Our mission

We serve as your outsourced accountant & help you scale profitably.

Entrepreneurship is hard, and we want to make it easy for people to run their business, focus on what they love, and keep more of what they make by reducing taxes.

We'll be looking for ways to build your overall wealth.

We're constantly finding ways to help you understand your numbers.

Our goal is for you to never worry or waste time, so we'll be scurrying behind the scenes to pave the way towards ease.

Should You Be an S-Corp?
Free S-Corp Analysis