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Accounting & Taxes Done Right

We help businesses establish pristine financials, lower their taxes and scale their operations, by serving as their outsourced CFO. We're a CPA Near Tampa, Florida that does business tax preparation, bookkeeping services & tax reduction planning.

Tampa, Florida Based Tax Accountant for SMall business

Build a More Scalable & Profitable Business

We help high-growth minded business owners as their outsourced accountant and CFO, to develop a step-by-step path to mitigate taxes, maximize cash flow and scale their business.

Get Unstuck & Scale Your Business

Get a Fully Engaged Tax Accountant That Delivers Results.

 Businesses miss out on tax savings & real guidance because typical accountants are either too busy, or ill-equipped to guide them to achieve amazing outcomes in their business. 

Mitigate Taxes

Establish Pristine Financials

Improve Scalability

Tampa Florida Accounting Firm

Taxes, Bookkeeping & CFO Level Guidance To Help You Thrive

We handle all the taxes, bookkeeping, accounting and financials so you can focus on what you do best.

Focus on What Matters Most, We'll Handle the Accounting, Books & Tax

We've built an outsourced accounting service that empowers small organizations to focus on what they do best, while work not only handle all the accounting, but we'll help you reduce taxes, improve operations & avoid problems with the IRS.

We Build an Aggressive Tax Reduction Plan

Catchup & Cleanup Your Financials Once-and-for-All

Promptly & Accurately Do Your Bookkeeping

We Guide Growth as an Outsourced CFO

We Track & Measure Your Key Performance Indicators

We Prepare & File Your Taxes

We Build & Implement Improvement Plans

We Build Annual Budgets & Forecasts

We Keep You Compliant with the IRS

We Take Care of Your Payroll & 1099 Contractors

We Guide You in Developing a Strategy & Delivering Results

Schedule a FREE Tax
Overpayment Analysis.

We’ll scour your tax returns for missed opportunities.

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Whether you're looking for a Tampa, Florida CPA or Accounting firm, or if you're anywhere else in the United States, we'd love to connect with you and see if we can add value to you and your team.

Outsourced CFO

We help you invest in your business's future by acting as your CFO to guide you with shrewd financial and operational decisions.
Outsourced CFO

Tax Reduction Planning

We work on your taxes all year so we can proactively leverage strategies that will ease your tax burden and keep you from over paying.
Tax Reduction Planning

Business Tax Returns

We do more than file your taxes. Our team adds value to your business by doing tax reduction planning year round so as to decrease your tax burden.
Business Tax Returns

Bookkeeping Services

We go further than your average bookkeeper and add value to your business by keeping tax reduction in mind as we work on your books year round.
Bookkeeping Services

Payroll Services

While you focus on running your business, we set up 1099 employees and contractors for you so adding to your team is hassle free.
Payroll Services

Agile Project Manager

We implement a framework designed to bring clarity to your project through strategic objectives that optimize the output of working teams.
Agile Project Manager
Get Unstuck & Scale Your Business

Don't Lose Momentum or Overpay in Tax

CFO level financial acumen is usually missing from small business, and that means they'll often lose momentum and get stuck.

We help your business move beyond your current abilities, improve profitability and scale your operations.
You Need Pristine Financials & Books

In order to scale, you need a firm foundation of data. We'll cleanup your accounting, ensure you're books are done on time, and guide you to proactively manage your businesses financials in order to achieve your goals.

You need pro-active tax mitigation planning

We ensure businesses don't overpay in tax, and properly invest in the future to achieve their goals.  We'll create a strategic plan to invest into the growth of your business and into shareholder's pockets, rather than into unnecessary taxes.

Scaling Requires CFO Level Financial Acumen

Most small businesses lack the skills and abilities required to scale their business.  We help provide guidance, planning & acumen to grow further.

We'll Bring Objective Measurement & Wisdom

Business owners & their leadership team often get stuck, and we're able to provide perspective to the organization so they can thrive.

Sub-Contracting an All-in-One Service is Helpful

We've created an integrated accounting service that delivers massive value, without breaking the bank.  We'll focus on helping your business reduce taxes, save time while improving profitability and scalability.

3 Steps to Get Started

We make it easy to get your bookkeeping, accounting & tax on the right path.

Step 1: Free Tax Reduction Analysis

We'll analyze your taxes, financials & bookkeeping to identify opportunities to save tax and improve your operations.

Step 2: Cleanup & Plan Creation

Once a customer, we'll establish a perfect chart of accounts, get your accounting all caught up and create an in-depth tax reduction plan.

Step 3: Active Guidance & Tax Season Made Simple

We'll keep your books up to date, provide useful reports & work alongside your team to reduce tax and build a more profitable & scalable business.

Take Your Business Further

After years of serving corporations and businesses as their finance and project manager, we've developed an approach to help businesses of any size, achieve their goals in a systematic way.

Peak performance

CFO advisory focused on agile and automated process implementation to drive sustainable growth at scale.


Forward looking financial forecast are tracking performance and leading KPIs are driving decision to maximize profitability and growth.


Clean data-driven financials are being used to guide business decisions and pro-active strategies are mitigating costs and building wealth

Gear Check

Assessing where we currently are and our plan to achieve your long-term goals.


Sean Pfalzgraf, CPA

It brings me great joy to help impact-driven organizations hit their “peak” performance. I started BluePeak Financial after years of serving and consulting with executives in large fortune 100 companies. I have taken my experience as a certified public accountant and agile project management consultant to develop a framework that delivers accounting, tax & advisory services for small business clients from around the world.

Our Blog

As a CPA near Tampa, Florida, we pull together resources, tips and insights for small business.

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Schedule a FREE Tax
Overpayment Analysis.

We’ll scour your tax returns for missed opportunities.