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Are you Maximizing an S-Corp?

Should you be an S-Corp? Will you save in taxes? We specialize in helping small business owners, who make net profits higher than $80,000, convert to an S-Corp, stay compliant & maximize its benefit.

Tampa Florida S-Corp Specialists

We'll help you setup & maximize an S-Corp

S-Corps can often lead to dramatic tax savings for small businesses, which can lead to remarkable improvements in profitability & wealth.

You Must Maximize but Stay Compliant

It’s not enough to just convert your sole proprietorship to an S-corp, you’ll want to make sure that you make wise choices to abide by the IRS rulings on reasonable salaries, document requirements & 1120S tax returns.

Sole Prop vs. S-Corp

We'll help you compare LLC Sole Prop taxation to S-Corp taxation, so you can understand the differences and choose correctly.

Determine a Reasonable Salary

The most important part of ensuring you're making wise decision with you S-Corp election, is to manage your "reasonable salary". We work alongside businesses to ensure they're being as aggressive as possible, while being full of integrity.

You Owe Tax on Net Profit

12.4% Social Security Tax (up to limit of $147k)
2.8% Medicare Tax

S-Corp Compare: 
$100,000 Net Profit

Net Profits
($50,000 S-Corp Salary)
Social Security Taxes
Medicare Taxes
Total SE Taxes Due
Annual SE Tax Savings
BluePeak Financial

How Much Might You Save?

We see businesses save between $3,000 and $15,000 a year, just by setting up and being wise with S-Corp strategies.

We'll help you make the right decisions about salaries, while simultaneously helping invest your tax savings wisely.

Save Social Security Tax

You will possibly reduce what is subject to the 12.4% social security tax.

Save Medicare Tax

S-Corps can often mitigate the income subject to the 2.9% medicare tax as well.